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These ratings determine how the player's avatar will react on this virtual playing field. For example, the higher the percentage of "pass" the player will have the ability to make short, long passes, centers with a higher possibility of effectiveness.


The latest edition of the football simulator EA Sports, FIFA 18 , has left us an anecdote in its Ultimate Team mode, one of the most popular of the game as it allows players to create their dream team considering that use players who share league or nationality will increase the chemistry between them.

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The signings are made through a kind of cards that reflect the skill of the players , there being limited editions in time as a commemoration of a great performance in a day or for a particular milestone that have the statistics uploaded.


The best player in this way , without taking into account the legends, is Cristiano Ronaldo, who reaches an average of 94 with the pace, the shot and his ability to dribble as the most outstanding statistics, all three above 90. His cost, as revealed by the Futhead portal , would be close to two million coins which can be easily generated with free fifa 18 coins , which can be obtained by playing or selling players obtained from envelopes.


The worst players, on the other hand, do not even reach 50 in their average rating . Specifically, there are ten letters that remain in 46 valuation coin master free spins generatorOne of them corresponds to the German Tommy Käßemodel, listed in the FC Ezgebirge Aue of the German second division, with some very poor statistics, especially the rhythm, which only reaches 23, with 25 in acceleration and 22 in speed.

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But everything has a reason, and the story of this case is that he is not even a footballer. He is the equipment user . So, why does it appear in the game? It is due to a rule of German football that forces the teams to register at least four players from the quarry and only had three. As Käßemodel had been part of the lower categories of the club, decided to register and complete the quota. Therefore, being registered as a player of this club, appears in the video game even if it is not even a football player .


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